Thursday, October 31, 2013

Lord Imran Kairugawa

Finished the Hatamoto yesterday. Love the pose especially with the naginata.

I've finally managed to paint the Tokugawa crest using masks. Nothing super special but it works I think.
I added the lines on top and below on the banner because it looked too plain with just the crest. The lines on the bottom indicate what level of warrior they are. Ties in with the gold dots on their scabbards.

So 3 samurais done and I need one more to get my 125 points buntai ready for battle this weekend. This will be my list.
Hatamoto Leader (level 4)    38 points
- naginata, naginata bujutsu, powerful

Samurai A (level 3)       27 points
- kenjutsu

Hatamoto B (level 4)    32 points
- kenjutsu

Samurai B (level 3)      27 points
- kenjutsu

Comes to a total of 124 points. Why 125 points? It was a number suggested by good friend Mark. At 100 points there's not much you can get from the Bushi Buntai. The FoC is rather restricted if you want to have level 1 and/or 2 Ashigarus so I'm going to try an elite all samurai list. I'll be vulnerable to shooting so I'll stick close to cover until the time comes to close into combat :)
Wish me luck. Am going to need it as I'll be going up against the dreaded Warlord Arzmi Killalla!

Monday, October 21, 2013

Lord Umari Kairugawa

Just couldn't resist painting another North Star samurai although I'm in the midst of my Skaven project.
I wanted this model to look darker compared to the one I painted earlier and I'm not quite happy with the final outcome.
I wanted black to be the prominent color but I think the dark red cloth ....for want of a better word, disrupts the overall effect I was looking for.

But it is another figure done so at least it's something. I still haven't decided on a crest for the back banners and that's the reason it's still not there.
My 2 samurais protecting a village from some rowdy bandits in a recent game :). Suffice to say, heads rolled.

Thursday, October 10, 2013

Them Skravens are tight yoo = digging your own grave

Legio Malaysia is holding our second Army Throwdown event which kicked off yesterday, 8th October. This time we've made it a Warhammer Fantasy theme. For more info about this painting event please check here

I've decided to do Skaven, yes I'm an idiot but I got these models when I bought the Island of Blood box way way back in 2011. I'm not going super crazy with this project and will be using 2 IoB Skaven sets with some Stormvermins and Gutter Runners. I will have 156 models which should be doable considering we have until February 14th next year to complete it. That's 18 weeks. That's 7 models per week...Doable methinks. 

I've decided to use cork boards as my bases. Make it into a town pavement look. I'll be making these look bright greyish to contrast with the skaven which will most probably look dark, as befits their theme. I'm thinking of going with Clan Mors but haven't actually decided. It'll come when I actually start painting them.

The bases are made from mdf strips cut into regimental sizes. The cork I bought at Daisho for RM5.00 per set. You get 8 pieces per set. The bottom of the cork is sticky, which was a really nice surprise as now I don't have to glue them to the mdf. Time saved. But I did have to carefully cut the mounting tabs of all the rats. I believe its worth the effort because I will not have to go through the glue sanding and waiting to dry process. Yes, this could have all been done prior to the start of painting as per the rulespack but I've been lazy and distracted by Saga and Ronin. 

My first unit will be a core clanrats of 40 strong. 

Friday, October 4, 2013

Japanese rural building

I was researching the net for more samurai models to get when I stumbled upon this site.
I never planned to make terrain/buildings for playing Ronin but the steps taken by Lilljonas to build his buildings seems doable enough so I gave it go. And here's my journey to making my first ever building for this hobby that I enjoy so much. Which really is a feat because all my friends know I'm just a lazy bestard when it comes to terrain.
Step 1. Keep it simple and follow the instructions. As much as possible I followed how Lilljonas did his building with some very minor tweaks in terms of materials and the roof. For the walls I used foam board glued to a placticard base. In hindsight I should've used a stronger material for the base as it warped when the glue dried up.
Step 2. Glue all wooden structures and such.

I used ice-cream stick and pre-cut balsa strips for the lower walls and windows. Then I completed the base by gluing rubble and sand.
Step 3. The roof.
This was made using some cardboard I had lying around. I didn't follow the cut straw style as I know this would be time consuming and opted for the old wash towel technique.
Not too bad if I do say so myself :)
Step 4. Painting and drybrushing and some weathering.

I used Army Painter Warpaints and Washes primarily for this project. Also their tuft.

It wasn't as hard as I thought it would be and I truly enjoyed making this house/building. More to come as I'm planning on making a full town to play Ronin :)

If you guys want to see some hardcore master terrain building skills check out monsier Scott's blog.
This Victorian Terrace building he built puts my rundown house to shame hahaha.

Cheers everyone. Thanks for reading.