Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Planes, planes & planes

Kind of in a hobby rut at the moment but I did manage to paint up another P-38 just because I really love the shape of it. Unfortunately, I didn't have the appropriate decals for the fuselage at the time to complete it. Otherwise I'd have preferred this paint scheme to be the box art. Ahh well....
These I painted a while back. Now I've got a sizable collection on my table :) 
Thanks for tuning in. Cheers guys. I'll try to post something more interesting next time...

Monday, April 15, 2013

Flames of War P-38 Lightning

How do I even start this post? Hmmmm....
Thank you to Jeff Brooks for suggesting to the powers that be that this plane that I painted was good enough to be the box art. Had only meant for it to be displayed on my work table.
Thank you to the powers that be for deciding it was actually good enough to be the box art.
And super thanks to Sean Goodison for taking these fantastic pictures. They're really great pictures and I'm honored by his work.
To all you Flames of War and WW2 aircraft fans, here's a sneak peak at the next release by Battlefront. The super sexy (my second favorite plane after the P-51D) Lockheed P-38 Lightning. Yup, someone has answered your prayers and this plane will be coming to a store near you soon.
And if I haven't mentioned already, the plane on the box cover art was painted by yours truly :) hehe.

Am truly honored and humbled.

Thank you everyone :)