Thursday, January 26, 2012


I've started building my Panzerspahkompanie for the Firestorm Bagration campaign that Legio will be organizing in May. This will be a 1500 points list taken from the Grey Wolf book.
 If you're into Flames of War then this book is a must buy. Battlefront took out all of the German army elements from their previous smaller books (Stalin's Onslaught, Hammer & Sickle, River of Heroes, Stalin's  Europe and Fortress Europe) and compiled it into a very nice hardcover edition. 265 gorgeous colored pages of all German forces which took part in the eastern front. Novel idea if u ask me :)

 I'm building an Aufklarungs company. Sounds cool doesn't it :) It means reconnaissance in German but aufklarung sounds more exotic. My list is taken from page 90 and will be filled with mostly recon elements supported by some artillery units from division.

 This Puma armored car will be the command HQ vehicle for this list. I have 2 full platoons of these vehicles so that's what i'll be working on for the time being.

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Lizardmen ready to invade Gameforge, Penang

My lizardmen border patrol is all done!!!
Fuuuhhhhhhhhhh.......long sighhhhhhhhhhh.....

These 16 saurus will be the main force in this list accompanying the scar veteran. Not sure if i can place the hero and champion on the sides....they're there because the models wouldn't fit nicely in the middle.

Now all i have to do is take them for a few spin and re-learn the fantasy rules :)
Perhaps this hobby night. Anyone up for it??

 All boxed up and ready for the trip to Penang :)

Ohhh and i didn't just complete these saurues. Also managed to get one of these beauties done ;)
 More on them in the next post.

Saturday, January 21, 2012

Lizardmen command squad done. And a sweet distraction :)

Took more time on these guys than i was supposed too but they are  the command squad and will be upfront together with the scar vet. So hopefully the extra effort will be worth it when judging for painting is done :)

I didn't get a before pic of the champion so i'll just show it after touch up. 

I do however have before pics of the standard bearer and musician. I can't believe i was satisfied with how they looked when i finished them way back in 2010. Like i said previously, the interest to paint them plummeted and i just wanted them done. More like half done...

Now all i have left to paint for this border patrol force are 16 saureses. 

Unfortunately for me....... this little nugget crawled out of the woodwork hehe.
This will be the Company HQ for my Panzerspahkompanie 1500 points list in preparation for the Bagration campaign in May. Let's see next post whether i continue completing the touch up of the lizardmen or make a slight detour and indulge myself :)

Happy holidays everyone and be safe at all times.

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Saurus scar veteran

The hero of my warband finally gets a much needed facelift :)
Before : September 2010
After : January 2012

Now just 20 sauruses to go and we're good for the Gameforge tourney. Just need to get some games in to refresh my very limited knowledge and experience playing fantasy.

Next up will be the command squad.

Monday, January 16, 2012

Skink priest

Completed touching up the skink priest :)

Before touch up.

It doesn't look like i did a lot but the effort was considerable. Should've take more before pics.
Tomorrow i'll work on the scar-vet then finally the 15 saurus. 

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Spicing up the Lizardmen

I must admit that the paintjob on my lizardmen army was rushed. I just grew tired of the project and wanted it to be tabletop worthy for a game with Faizal.

As u can see from the proof below.

The lack of effort is so obvious. We definitely can't have these models represent the Wildhost for the upcoming event. Good excuse to do some much needed touch up plus at 500 points there won't be too many models that i need to work on.

So for the next few days i'll do some re-work to raise the standard of the Lizardmen patrol. Gameforge has even mentioned a best painted patrol :) Who knows....

I present to you the touched up salamander hunting pack.

Not masterpieces but acceptable i think :)

At 75 points for a fire spouting breath template damage small dragon, i wish i had the points to take 2 of these. Unfortunately not. 

Next up will be the skink priest.

Saturday, January 14, 2012

Gameforge 500 points Border Patrol Tourney

Not content with terrorizing just the Klang valley area, the Wildhost will be rampaging and maiming and slaughtering their way to Penang next month to enter this tournament :)

Led by the legendary 7th spawn of the 7th spawn saurus scar-veteran Grim-locke the Grim, the lizardmen of the Wildhost will try their damnest not to be maimed and/or slaughtered hehe!!

It's been a while since i took part in a tournament or played fantasy....actually this will be my first fantasy tournament entered..ouch....

But it will be a good trip. Together with my partners in pillage, Jeff Deathkorps and Iqbal wood warden ( i wish both of them good luck getting their patrol painted...not :), Penang islanders will rue the day that Gameforge and Doc Selvam opened their peaceful and beautiful island to the savage Lizardmen, Beastmen ....and ahhh wood loving tree hugging elves.

Check this link if you're interested to join. 
Gameforge 500 points Border Patrol tournament

Sunday, January 8, 2012

Hobby room clean up

I did a clean up of my hobby room and added a few new features(actually just 2) as a reward for myself for completing the angels sanguine and US paratroopers army last year :)

Feature number one is the the Ikea tabletop extension. It cost me $149 and is totally worth it!! It has a magnetic whiteboard, shelves for hobby stuff and space for books on top. Which i think is the coolest feature. Now i can proudly display my collection of space marine battles novels.

Second new feature is the Ikea table cabinet which cost me a whooping $280. But again i'm happy with this investment. For one, my vallejo game color set fits snugly into the drawers. And number two, i can now have a space to put all my paints, washes, pigments and most other chemicals in one place. I forgot to take a picture before clean up but it was not much difference from this pic which was taken in early 2010.

So new look room and a new year with so many deliciously tantalizing projects to look forward too :)
One of which i've already started and is on my table in the first picture above hehe.

Here's wishing all your projects for this new year gets completed on scheduled.

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Airborne recon platoon completed

Yes, these guys are finally done!!! And with them done, i've completely painted all the american paratroopers models i have in my possession. Mission complete.

I now have a 1250 late war Parachute Rifle Company; 101st Airborne Division Screaming Eagles. Currahee!!!I purposely left one jeep without the forward engine armor plating to indicate the platoon commander. Looks sleeker and nicer i think.

These jeeps were a dream to paint. They're really nice models. I'll try them out this friday nite during our market garden campaign.C'mon...who wouldn't want to be firing a .50 cal machine gun mounted on a jeep!!

I would love to increase the force to a 1500 or 1750 strength but it'll have to wait. My mission of painting a 1k has been exceeded, i've painted all the models that i have so its time to move to a new project.

Thanks for following my progress everyone. My most sincere appreciation for all your comments and ideas.