Sunday, May 22, 2011

Sanguinary priest brother Alexander

Finished my first of 2 sanguinary priests. As mentioned earlier, i used the death company set to make them. Just love the extra part details from that set esp the shoulder pads.

So much so that i think i spent too much time on them with nothing much to show. Also my favorite gloss mixture still haven't arrived by sea freight so the gems are dull looking for the moment.

I had fun painting this model and am quite please with the end result :)

Next up is brother Heracles.

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Legio 40K League Season 4 is here!!!

This always happen to me ........i get all psyched up about a project (the p-38 airplane) and then another thing comes up and it gets shelved indefinitely. Sigh....i am so weak...

But there is a good reason why the p-38 will stay a while longer in the hanger...


Woooohoooooo!!!!! In case u guys forgot, i managed to get the Marksmen and Best painted army with my Saim-hann force for League 3 :). So the wildhost has 2 awards to defend and more to win esp the League Champion. We were denied by smelly orks last time.

So time to go full turbo to complete the much delayed
angels sanguine army. This is what i got done over the past few days.

The apothecary finally completes my command squad. Wanted him to be different hence the all white armor. But i kept the backpack the same color and helmet gold so it gives him unity with the squad.

Group photo of command squad.

This is my Angels Sanguine force so far. 2 HQs, 1 command squad and 1 five man squad. Still have so much to do......
Oh yeah...please head on over to the Legio Malaysia blog to read the rulespack and also register to participate. Imagine putting your much thought over and planned army against others. Show them what you're made off!!! Plus we need to push Warboss Iskazri off his throne :P

Go here for the rulespack. Hope to see you guys in the League!!!

Saturday, May 7, 2011

P-38 Lightning update

1st step when building any plane kit is to complete the cockpit assembly and painting. Since this a basic kit there wasn't much detail available. Painted the pilot figure and drybrushed the interior area.

After that assemble the main body of the plane. Since i'm just doing this as a side project i won't be concerned about the bad fittings and didn't even take the time to properly fill in the gaps. Just want it mounted in mid air as a piece for my hobby table.

Just a bit of history info; before changing fighter plane designation to F (for example F-22 Raptor) the USAAF designated their fighter planes as P for Pursuit aircraft. Call me a hopeless romantic but i prefer the P.

Plane is all washed now to get rid of all dust and oil stains in preparation for priming and coloring. Waiting for it to dry then i'll airbrush it tonite when the weather's a bit cooler.

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Its good to be back & start hobbying again

Its good to be back. Back for good this time. I've finished my year long sabbatical in the land of smiles and back to the land of perpetual hot and humid and rain = home = Shah Alam, Malaysia.

Can't wait to start attending Legio hobby nights on a regular basis and start planning for Legio events again with my fellow officers and members. Haven't been active in the hobby scene for the past 12 months apart from organizing K2. Let's hope it'll change seeing as i'll be in the company of my Legio brothers again :)

Did some much needed hobby room cleaning when i got back since last Saturday. And while doing some re-boxing and re-shuffling, i opened up some old aircraft kits. As much as i'd like to start again on my angels sanguine, a short (hopefully) escape to build a kit would be nice. Can't remember the last time i actually built a kit..... definitely a long long time ago.

This old (1997) p-38 lightning really caught my attention since its among my favorite ww2 planes. This airfix kit, compared to other modern kits, is quite terrible. Fits are bad and flushes all over...ohh well, it'll be a nice rest from painting miniatures.

See you guys at hobby night this week. We have a birthday bash to organize!!!

Oh yeah, just to prove that i haven't completely forsaken the angels, here are some shots of my apothecary and 2 sang priests.

What do you think of my sang priest surgery arms. Got the conversion idea from the net. Not too shabby huh.

See you guys this friday fellow Legionaries. Much to catch up on :)

Am also hoping to get changed from outstation member to something more permanent hehehe.